Temporary Testing


Well, the cat appears to be out of the bag. There is informal testing happening with clients from this URL:

Please note: These releases are BETA, and I mean really beta!

If you run in to any issues, please report them to our Android Repo with information such as your Android device model and specifications.



Android TV testing builds are up:

Again, these are BETA releases. Please use the jellyfin-* ones, as the others are debug/unsigned versions.


How do i get android app to connect to jellyfin behind reverse proxy? I set host to https://jellyfin.mydomain.com and port to 443 and it still gives me error.


Set port to empty, it worked for me.


Thanks @JustAMan It still gave me error when I tried but after 3 times it let me in.
I think I needed to remove the port number before entering the address. Not sure if that matters.


in beta4 i get freezed gray screen when select any season of tv series.
(xioami mibox 3)


Are you using Android or Android-TV app on your mibox?


Android-TV. .
I try the 2 versions (amazon and google) and the same thing happens


paging @thornbill for more info


I have not been able to replicate in my local build. I will try the published apk later today.

In the meantime, if you are able to connect to the device with adb, you can use adb logcat to see if there are any messages being logged when the screen goes blank.


Arghhh you fooled me there! :grin:

New date on Androidtv folder in the repo.
But you guys just had changed folder structure!

Maybe some new release is on the way?


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