Testing on different systems

I tested Jellyfin on difference architecture and on difference systems using dotnet runtime and portable dll. I did not using package manager. My result is:

  • on architecure x86 Debian or Arch Linux works fine
  • on architecture ARM on Raspbian (Debian) works fine (Rapsberry Pi 3b)
  • on architecture ARM on Arch Linux does not work (Rapsberry Pi 3b) - problems is that web or DLNA client has empty library. I do not see nothing errors or warnings in logs.
    Is it normal? Do Jellyfin not support ARM ? It is weird, because on Raspbian everything is ok. Maybe it is my fault on Arch Linux config. Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

Jellyfin 10.4.1
.NET Core Runtime binaries 2.1.0

I don’t know of any reason why it shouldn’t work on Arch, can you see the media folders when selecting the folders in the add libraries view? Does Jellyfin have the correct permissios to access those files?