Transcoding ?'s

I have HDHR with optional transcoding.
Feed to Windows server.
Serves to many Rokus.
Seem to work fine, easy install.

I see transcoding options.
Do I ‘set’ these in server, where?
Do client apps request transcoding?
Should I just let HDHR do it? (Noisy, hot, etc…)

I read through, must have missed something.


At the Jellyfin server you can set this under playback, but also define some options under each users.

My recommendation is to encode the medie so it’s supported widely.
h264 / h265 as video and vorbis for audio…
I currently dont recommend VP9 since i experience bugs with playback over DLNA / Chromecast and VP9 where content is shown as 4:3 and not as 16:9 (as it should)