Transcoding while keeping Original audio


I’m desperate to find a solution for my “problem” and as such I’m requesting any help and ideas some people in this forum might have :slight_smile:

My use case is specific : I want to share my library to the family. Some members have a decent home cinema installation that could benefit from the original audio tracks from my mkv. Unfortunately, my uplink is not fast enough to allow direct play of my movies. So, transcoding is mandatory.

Is there any option or tricks to do in order to get a transcoding occurs only for the video part while keeping any AC3/DTS/Atmos/whatever encoded audio as original instead of AAC ? Thus simply copying the audio track to the transcoded video ?

I also assume the client app couldn’t be a simple web browser for such use case but rather a mpc client or the native jelly-android-tv-app with vlc as an external player that could allow audio passthrough to the receiver if this transcoding problem could be solve ?

Thanks in advance

Ok sooooooo,

It seems it is possible to do what I want to achieve, BUT as far as I know, Jellyfin cannot allow me to do so.

In fact, you can ask FFMPEG to just copy any audio track using the -codec:a:0 copy parameters instead of the -codec:a:0 aac -ac 2 -ab 384000 Jellyfin usually create while transcoding.

Maybe a staff member of Jellyfin can highlight me how these parameters are passed to ffmpeg and whether can I modify them the way I want ?

Or does anybody has already modify any of these parameters on the past and would like to share his knowledge ? I ask google but did not find so far any answers about that…

Thanks to all !

Have you tried disabling audio transcoding? This is an option that you enable/disable for each specific user in the server dashboard? It works for me.

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Yes exactly, I did also find, some days ago, that I could manually disable audio transcoding for a specific user. I initially though it was only for audio library but it works for any file.

I also checked the source code and I discovered that Jellyfin choose to transcode too quickly : if your source file’s audio has bad metadata (like missing channels or missing sampling rate), Jellyfin will always transcode instead of trying to send the original audio.

Thanks for the input !