TuneIn Plugin installation question


I’m trying to get directions for loading the TuneIn plugin for Jellyfin. I found a listing on Github of a TuneIn plugin, but this plugin does not show up in the plugins section of my JellyFin dashboard. Are there instructions around for how to install plugins without going through the JellyFin dashboard? Thanks.


Hi @rvmeush,
If it doesn’t show up in the plug-in catalog, then it likely hasn’t been ported, or in rare cases, is not allowed/unofficial.

If we host the plugin (which we do for the TuneIn repo), but it still doesn’t appear in the list, then it likely needs updates/work.

In this case, the TuneIn plugin still needs work to be ported to Jellyfin. A major stumbling block is the lack of API access key. TuneIn stopped issuing API keys over a year ago, which is needed for certain operations. We are also not allowed to use the existing one that Emby had.

Sorry :sweat: