Ubuntu Cosmic repo updates still supported?

I have been using jellyfin server on an atompicpi with ubuntu 18.10. My current installed version is 10.5.5, and I see no new versions after running apt update.

Since cosmic is ‘end of life’ I did update my sources list to point to 'old-releases; instead of ‘archive’ so it completes successfully. Is jellyfin no longer getting updated in the cosmic repo, or is cosmic no longer supported in releases past 10.5.5?

I am working on an updated build on ubuntu 20.04 since I’m not able to upgrade 18.10 (at least not easily) now that its EOL. Just trying to see if there is a way to update jellyfin under 18.10.

18.10 isn’t officially supported by us any longer, just because maintaining all the repos for older Ubuntu releases is a pain in the CI. However, the version for 18.04 should probably work just fine. If you update your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jellyfin.list entry to replace cosmic with bionic, it should let you update.

Thanks for the advice, and confirmation. I did get a dpkg ‘fork: Cannot allocate memory’ error on my first install attempt, but I don’t remember the last time I restarted the atomicpi. I was successful installing jellyfin and jellyfin-web 10.6.4 from bionic on cosmic after a reboot. :grinning:

I also tried to update jelllyfin-ffmpeg, but it failed on the dependency of libx265-146 (>= 2.6). I’m tempted to try downloading the bionic release .deb of 2.6.3 to update it. 10.6.4 seems to be working OK with the old cosmic jellyfin-ffmpeg install. Do you think its worth trying to upgrade libx265?

The old jellyfin-ffmpeg should work fine until you can upgrade; the ffmpeg is a big pain to use between releases unless Jellyfin itself.

Ok, thanks again for your help. The nice part about using and AtomicPi is that for $40 I have a new server that is running jellyfin on Ubuntu 20.04 already. The last work left is to get ‘letsencrypt’ running on the new server, and I’ll be back on a supported version!