Ubuntu setup help

hey new to the group. i’m testing on the latest ubuntu lts version and i’m repurposing an old pc. i have two drives in the pc. my first is os only, second is where i’d like to house my media. eventually i’d like to expand this to a das with a couple of drives in it.

  1. i’ve configured my pc to automount by uiid the second drive and attempted to add permissions for jellyfin service to read write, but can’t navigate to the folder directory in jellyfin.

  2. can i configure to save metadata/file art on the first drive (ssd) for all libraries?

i’m still getting up to speed on ubuntu so this may be something simple i just don’t know yet.

I think this is what you need. https://jellyfin.org/docs/general/administration/configuration.html.

so i think that will work for #2 to set locations, but for #1 i still can’t create a library path from the admin dashboard on the secondary drive. i created a user group for my user profile and the jellyfin service. i can edit and create folders and place media files in the folder but can’t drive that deep into the folders to map the library folder.

For the linux side of the house, where are you auto-mounting the drive? Somewhere like “/mnt/seconddrive”? As root, you may need to make the drive accessible to all users (chown nobody:nogroup -R /mnt/seconddrive) in order to navigate deeper into the structure. I know you stated you added permissions for jellyfin, but this is what I had to do for my NAS in order for jellyfin as well as other media streamers to see the mount.

i’ll try that. i created a user group for my standard user and the jellyfin service then set my user as owner and that group as full access.

i mounted the drive under mnt and then the drive id