User jellyfin on android tv

I use jellyfin on my android tv. But I can only put an account if I have to retype everything. Is it possible to do as on netflix. With just to choose the account on the home page.
Thanks for this magic software but does this function exist? (knowing that I use an external server).

Users are hidden by default. You can change this on a per uses basis in the users settings on the profile page. There is a checkbox for hidding the users on the home screen

If this is unticked then the users will show up on the home page instead of having to type in their username, and if required only the password will need to be entered

I don’t see the fonctionallity

That looks to be on the android TV app itself. The setting you’re looking for is in the server management dashboard. I’m not sure if you can access that on the android TV app but you can definitely get to it from a browser on another device. Once on the dashboard, go to the users section. Click the user you want to appear on the home screen and at the bottom of that page will be the option I mentioned above. You can repeat this for all the users you want to appear on the login page