VAAPI on centos 7



I was just curious if I it is possible and could get any performance gain using hardware encoding om my simple J3455 apollo lake cpu with intel hd 500 gfx.

I use centos 7.1

Like usual this is probably a subject that is very obvious to every one who is using it but I don’t get it.

I did yum install libva-utils libva-intel-driver libva-intel-hybrid-driver and that installed stuff but nothing gets added to my /dev folder. (should I start some service or something?)

I also search for i915 en 965 since those drivers get mentioned to but epel does not have those drivers.

From what I do find on the net is that ffmpeg needs a path to /dev/dri/renderD128 . I do not even have a dri folder in /dev.

I think my first step should be getting the something going in /dev/dri

Does anyone have any suggestions how to get vaapi working on centos 7?