Well, plex has graduated to pop ups in app

I just wanted to listen to my music man. Gotta love the user excuses of "this is needed to fund new features!’

I think you guys have proven that’s not the case, eh?


Greed knows no bounds (just ask Bezos!). Their reasoning is probably “if YouTube can do it, so can we.”

My response to advertising is threefold;

  1. Block it at the source with an ad blocker (or by using Smart YouTube TV on my Android TV box),

  2. Null-route all ad-serving domains at my network gateway (PiHole is a good, albeit imperfect, solution), and

  3. Make a note of the companies paying for the ads, and resolve to never buy anything from them again.

If everyone adopted this approach (particularly the third one), advertising (especially the irritating “in-your-face” variety) would rapidly disappear.

Should have worded advertising as pop ups for their new add supported services, something I couldn’t block as the popup itself is not a add.

I have no issues with ads on free products as long as they’re not malicious or cover the screen, services gotta make money, but plex? The product you pay over $100? Yeah no thank you.

Everyone of its users loves to jump in to defend it as “they need it to make new features!” when the only good features in recent memory was syncplay and skip intro, the rest being more ad supported crap or a podcast player that crashes every 5 seconds.

One of its users on the subreddit:

"I know people are going to complain, but hear me out on why this is a good thing. First, things like this pay bills and bring in revenue in order to fund development of features we DO want (skip intro, new movie scanner, improvements to Collections, and Watch Together). Plex needs to ship revenue-generating stuff in order to have money to make things that bring in no money. I’ve worked in software development for 8 years and can tell you first-hand that’s how it works at most places.

Second: I’m a cord cutter and aside from Plex and the ABCNews app, Pluto is my go-to for “live” TV and it’s awesome. Other friends who I’ve gotten to cut the cord really like Pluto too. It’s improved a LOT since Viacom bought it (better UI, commercial breaks in the proper spots). Now, if Plex can be a place I stay in to get Pluto-like content, that’s convenient for me. I’ll still use Pluto, but maybe a little less. Yes, I have PseudoTV set up but it’s basically unstable Alpha software in its current state.

I like Plex. I like the UI (on AppleTV). I like the integration between my server and this extra content. I like that I get new stuff for free since I’m a lifetime Plex Pass member. Plex has not raised prices in the 3 years I’ve used it nor asked for more money.

So, yes. We can complain that other stuff is more important and I won’t debate things like 2FA, because yes I want that too. HEIF support so I could dump Google Photos would rock. But let’s look at the big picture that Plex is a business trying hard to walk a fine line between giving us a great way to watch / manage our content and also make money & not piss off any giant company that could sue them out of existence.

EDIT Wow, thanks for the gold and silver, generous Plexers!" (Couldn’t help yourself could ya)

Yeah, its almost like you wouldn’t have to be scared of plex being sued if they didnt relay content through their servers, but whatever floats your boat guy.