Why is Jellyfin grouping my tracks by folder instead of album?

I’ve set up Jellyfin on my server, and it seems to be working great except for one weird problem: it seems to be inferring the album groupings of my music collection from the folder structure in odd ways instead of just using the perfectly good album tags I’ve supplied on all my music files.

For example, it seems to really want to treat all files in a given folder as a single album, even when they’re tagged with different album tags. In an even weirder example, I had a folder with some music files and also some subfolders with music files, and these were all grouped together. e.g. the folder structure looked something like this:


(There’s a reason this folder structure makes sense in context, but that’s not important.)

Moving AlbumA into its own subfolder fixed this problem, but I had a reason for organizing the folder in that way, and more generally I don’t want to have to worry about folder structure interfering with how my tracks are grouped into albums.

Ideally, I want Jellyfin to completely ignore the file/folder paths of my music track when grouping them into albums. It should just use the tags. Is there any way to configure this, or is it a bug?

No way to configure this at the moment. It does read the tags, but it doesn’t use that for grouping but I forget why. One explanation I can come up with is something like a “mixtape” of an album.

A lot of the stuff we use for org comes from the original project, which based it off Kodi standards.

Anyway, it’s a good feature request! Do you mind filing it here? https://features.jellyfin.org

Ok, done: https://features.jellyfin.org/posts/439/option-to-ignore-filesystem-path-for-album-groupings

Thanks for the response!

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