Will not play whole album on my phone?

I have the latest Android Jellyfin installed on my Samsung A71 phone with the latest android. When I choose an album and press topmost play icon, it plays 2 songs then stops. It does not continue to play next song. Is there a setting I missed? Is this related to battery saving mode?
Any help is is appreciated.
Thanks. Frank

Hi all,
I found the solution to my problem. I needed to adjust my battery saving options for Jellyfin. Basically remove any battery saving features for Jellyfin. It now plays whole album fine.
Hope this helps anyone encountering the same problem
Thank you just the same

Have you had problems with using bluetooth? I also have a Samsung A71 and I mostly use bluetooth headphones. Every time I switch away from Jellyfin or the screen goes dark my bluetooth starts skipping. I have tried every kind of battery saver and data saver I can find but nothing helps.

What battery settings did you change?

I turned off “optimize battery usage”. This did the trick. I have not experienced skipping or screen going dark. Sorry.