Yet Another Metadata Help Request

Hi all,

New to Jellyfin, which I am trying to setup purely for mobile device access. So far, Jellyfin is not pulling any metadata for my media files. Here is how media is setup:

  1. Movies are stored in /movies///movie_title.mkv
    For Blu-Ray - /movies///movie_title
  2. Series are store /series/<series_title>/series_title_s01/series_title_s01e01.mkv
  3. There are no .nfo stored with the movie/series files
  4. Jellyfin has read only access to the media volumes
  5. Jellyfin is running on a dedicated Linux VM, with binary install (not docker)

The above conditions are fixed and will not change. What I am looking for is an option to manually update the metadata to add the movie, series title, thetvdb id/themoviedb id and have Jellyfin pull the remaining information. Unfortunately, the editor does NOT allow me to change the series title and I cannot locate where the metedata info is stored in the DB.

Without metadata, there is no content under My Media->Shows which makes Jellyfin unusable. Adding the folder view does give access to the content, but navigation is cumbersome. All the search results I found was about organizing the media to conform to Jellyfins (or Kodi) format, which is not an option is my case (it will break other setup I have which relies on this format).

Any suggestion appreciated.

The metadata editor will allow you to change the titles and external service IDs associated with the content. Are you getting some error when you try to edit the titles?

What version of Jellyfin are you running?

Jellyfin 10.4.3. Running in debug mode and no error in the log. Updating the service ID and still not able to pull any metadata.

I think I need to change the Season. Why does the editor now allow Season update?

Running that same version myself and can edit all the metadata you mentioned before fine. If you update the tvdb/imdb IDs then you’d have to go into the settings and force a library refresh selecting “replace all metadata” and that should pull the new data from whatever metadata providers you have enabled in the libraries settings

Change the season how? You can change the title of the season as well as the season number in the metadata editor

I was trying to change the actual season. At the top it show “Season 1”. I will show screen shots shortly.

See the season at the top. There is nowhere in the editor to change that. Also, at the bottom, two external link are shown, yet the metadata is not being updated.

Also, the image, episode and episode number where added manually in a effort for force pulling of the correct metadata.

And because there is no season info, shows show up blank

You’re right on that season bit, could change the season title and numbers in the metadata editor but it doesn’t reflect there, though does change how the seasons are ordered so it must be an issue somewhere, would be good to create a bug for it on GitHub

Tried it myself and cannot seem to get the new tvdb id to pull data for a show so I’ll check if this is a known issue

Finally got Jellyfin to a usable state with metadata loading. I had to move the library path one directory up to pick up the correct series titles. Once it picks up the series name, you can use “Identify” to get the correct metadata info.

Why, why, why do none of these stream app allow users to modify the metadata to their choosing? Everyone seem to perpetuating the same stupid restriction(s).

Anyway, great work devs on the Jellyfin server/app. Now I have a decent media server for mobile devices.