A question about audio playback

I was browsing the roon webpage when something caught my eye, some marketing line about “bit perfect playback” and how roon will give that to you. While I’m very new to the audiophile world (my knowledge is basically flac good mp3 bad) am I correct and saying that’s total marketing bs? And Jellyfin/ffmpeg play everything just like roon and what actually matters is the dsp/headphones?

The signal path looked very cool though would love that feature here. <3

I haven’t gone real in depth with audio qualities, and I certainly don’t have the gear to quantify it, but my assumption at this point is that provided whatever client you’re using is capable of direct playing the audio, you shouldn’t be able to tell any difference in quality. Obviously this changes if you impose bitrate limits or the client isn’t capable of playing a given file and it needs to be transcoded, but Direct Play (which nearly all music clients default to) should be good.

That was my assumption, beyond players that have equalizers built in, they have to play the same.

Also that thing is $700 for a lifetime license sweet Jesus, I think the only 4 things it can do that Jellyfin can’t is signal path, mqa audio (which is useless drm) richer metadata, and the multi album versions.