Add support for external video player on android app

You need to add support for external video player on android app. I have some media that internal video player struggles to play (plex and emby struggles with it too) so I use MX Player to play it and it work great. I know that I can copy stream link and paste it to MX Player but this is inconviniet. You have to add option to play it directly in external app like MX Player.

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There is a beta version of the app in development that includes ExoPlayer internally. Try this out and see if it works for you.
Note that you have to enable ExoPlayer in the settings (tap the menu button, choose “Client Settings”).

I can’t seem to find the Client settings option on the beta version off the playstore (android). I’m also bummed out that the external player support was broken on the firestick in versions post 0.10.2. In order to direct play .ASS subtitles, the only method I’ve found to work is using mpv for android as an external player with jellyfin v.0.10.2 (firestick). Every update since then won’t send the file over to mpv when using the external player feature and the native players don’t support it without needed to transcode.
Will this be fixed in future releases?

Yes! A contributor is working to add it to the new Android app:

Sweet! Looking forward to it, thanks.

The feature is merged and should be available in the next beta. Hopefully within the next few days :slight_smile:


You can use mx player pro to play video