Add support for Featurettes vs Extras

Hi everyone!

I am a new Jellyfin user coming from using Plex more than 10 years. The lack of transcoding capabilities on AMD hardware, problems with HEVC playback and issues with the AppleTV client have gradually pushed me to look for alternatives.

I am using Infuse on AppleTV as the main frontend.

One issue that has been bugging me is the “Featurettes” directories holding commentaries and other extras. It seems that Jellyfin does not recognize these as additional material, and instead lists them as movies.

Is there a way to exclude these directories from scanning? Or better yet, can they be presented as extra material related to the main movie?

According to this docu the following names should be possible to use:
behind the scenes
deleted scenes

All my folders are already named “Featurettes”, and I also tried renaming to lower case “featurettes” for good measure. Jellyfin does not seem to recognize this name.

Using common naming with Plex will go a long way to support migration to JellyFin, since it will allow the paralle operation of both servers on the same database of movies.

Is there a way to add support for the directories as per the names listed in the docu?

It looks like support for this was added in PR 4466.

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Thanks Bear!

This is a good feature, I hope it comes soon.