Advice needed: managing movies in different languages

Hello dear Jellyfin community,

I would like to ask for some advise on good strategies to manage movies in different languages.
Until now, I put my movies in english language in a folder called “movies english”, those in french language in “movies french” and the ones in german language I put into “movies german”. I have a few movies in two of the languages but most of them I only have in one language. In Jellyfin, I set up one movie library for each of the 3 folders to keep the languages separately browse-able in the web-ui of jellyfin. This works great so far.

Now, I am trying to set up a kodi-client (as some sort of smart-tv module). The problem is now that kodi scrapes all the libraries of my jellyfin servers but mixes them up and in kodi, I can’t see the language of the movies showing up. I also can’t browse the french library only or search for a specific movie in a specific language.

Does anyone have an idea how I could go about this?
Any suggestion is welcome - even if it means using some other client run-able on a raspberry pi =)

That is more a Kodi related question me thinks, but anyway - I had the same problem - solved it by ignoring the Kodi Media Library and used Kodi’s folder view instead - AFAIK you need to turn that on in the settings though

This is indeed a true Kodi issue and not something we can do a ton about, though there are workarounds. The reason for this is Kodi essentially only has 1 library for each media type internally, so movies from multiple JF libraries will all get merged together when synced. Unfortunately, the “fix” for this is a bit of manual work, but it can be done. Essentially, you need to be using a skin that supports customizing the home screen and set up new views for each library type.

For example, adding a “Movies English” to the home screen would likely end up pointing to Add-ons -> Video Add-ons -> Jellyfin -> Movies English (I don’t have an install handy to verify the path exactly) instead of to the internal Kodi library. Assuming the media is synced, this will still pull from the local library so you get the full speed benefits, but should only display items that belong to that view.

Thank you for your replies. To be honest, this doesn’t sound very great. Unfortunately, even if kodi was able to sort the libraries by language, the user interface of kodi is way behind the web-ui of jellyfin itself, I mean convenience-wise: For example, I was not able to find an easy way to watch a movie trailer from within the kodi ui, but the jellyfin web-ui makes it as easy as it gets…

In my untested imagination, I can see two other options. Maybe somebody has interesting feedback or knows some software:

  1. Maybe instead of using OSMC or LibreElec to boot directly into kodi, there is something that boots a raspberry pi into a chromium in fullscreen mode which can be configured to use jellyfin as home page.
  2. Another idea is to install some android distribution onto the pi and try to use the official jellyfin android app. But I guess that using the android app with the TV-remote (over hdmi-cec) might be tricky, I don’t know.

There’s an option labeled “Cinema Mode” in the addon that I believe is supposed to play trailers, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly currently. It was dependent on the old “Intros” plugin on Emby. My issue is that I currently don’t have any trailers to actually test it, so it’s kinda sitting idle for the moment (Ref

Kodi does have a lot of skins that change the look and feel, but it’s still always going to be Kodi. Whether that works for you or not is a matter of user preference. There’s the Embuary skin that looks more similar to the JF UI, but it doesn’t solve the problem of your trailers.

To your idea about booting to something using the Web UI, you can look into using MPV Shim and setting it to start on boot.

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Thanks, I will look into this!