Android app port for a server behind letsencrypt

I’m using letsencrypt on unraid to handle making this available over the web.

It works fine through a web browser, but I cannot get the android app to connect. I’m guessing something is up with the ports.

Anyone any ideas?

I’ve got jellyfin running behind a reverseproxy, that adds the SSL encryption via letsencrypt. Jellyfin listening on 8096 in my lan and the proxy on 443 from wan. In the clientapp I enter and it works really great.

What external port do you use? If you use SSL you need to add https:// in front of your domain, if you use a different port than 443 you need to enter that, too. The APP always has 8096 prefilled, which may be correct for most but not all setups.

I’ve got the same setup ( jellyfin running behind a reverseproxy, that adds the SSL encryption via letsencrypt using nginx ).

If I type into a web browser or it works fine.

But when I use the same in the app I get connection failed, both with 443 set as the port or with the port left blank.

Does your jellyfin run in the “root” of your webdir or do you use a subdir? Mine is running in the subdir “/emby/” because somewhere in the beginning of jellyfin this path was hardcoded and the app registers my subdir automatically, so I only need to enter the hostname itself. I don’t know about Nginx, but if it’s not that big a deal, could you try “moving” your jellyfin to the same subdir? Maybe that works?

I t turned out to be a stupid error.

I forgot to add the domain to letsencrypt so there wasn’t a signed certificate for the web address I was using.

This apparently causes the app to fail.

Now I’ve corrected this the app is working fine.

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