Android/Chormecast LiveTV Playback Issues

Are there any settings I can adjust to make playback of Live TV better on Android and, more to the point, streaming to a Chromecast? Playback of live TV and from the DVR (including watching what is being recorded) is unwatchable, with the playback freezing every few seconds. I even tried pausing for a few minutes to build a buffer, but it didn’t help.

I can’t play any Live TV via Kodi (LibreELEC to be precise) at all, so I’m trying to cast the live TV/DVR to a Chromecast Ultra, but it’s entirely unwatchable with the stream freezing.

Live TV playback is damn near perfect using the Jellyfin app on the FireStick tho.

And I’ve not seen any issues playing back anything from my Movie or TV libraries on LibreELEC or on my phone.

I’m running v10.6.4 on Manjaro Linux. LibreELEC 9.2.4 (Intel system with an Nvidia card). I have an HD Homerun and “Allow hardware transcoding” is on. Phone is Pixel 3.