Android TV Login Issues

Long time Emby user, wanting to try Jellyfin. I am running docker version 10.6.3 on Ubuntu 20.04. I did an initial setup with a single library (using the defaults where possible, including ‘root’ user with a password).

After installing the client (Nvidia Shield Pro 2019) the “select user” part is blank and I cannot log in. I tried adding another user with access to the library but no luck. I’m able to log into the web UI with these users without any issues. Emby works fine with the same setup (docker + Android TV client)

I feel I’m missing something obvious - any tips? Since Emby and Jellyfin use the same ports to communicate, I shut down the Emby container before testing with Jellyfin. Here is my server log file after restart and login from the web UI -

Thank you

Users are hidden by default. You need to make the user visible or use the “manual” button in the Android TV app.

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