Anything changed to prevent reverse proxy?

I have a reverse proxy working via NGINX Proxy Manager installed via docker container.

For the past month or so, i have not been able to access my jellyfin setup via reverse proxy.
Initially, i thought there was an issue with NPM, but i can access other containers and sites with NPM.

Just wondering if anything has changed on Jellyfins side which may be preventing access?
Also, in the dashboard there used to be a setting for reverse proxy but i can no longer see this??


While I don’t use Nginx Proxy Manager myself, here’s our main guide for Nginx normally:

The other option you’re referencing was removed because it did nothing other than hide/show some options on the screen, depending on how it was set. It didn’t actually change any special mode or setting on the server.

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I will take another look at the config files

Just odd that it worked one day and not the next - frustrating!