Auto organize does not work

when i try to move some movies to media library, it gives a pop-up window says “Internal Server Error”
the log shows:

[2020-01-13 18:24:41.824 +08:00] [ERR] Error processing request
Emby.AutoOrganize.Core.OrganizationException: Failed to move file from M:\Newly Download\大约在冬季.Somewhere.Winter.2019.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba\大约在冬季.Somewhere.Winter.2019.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba.mp4 to M:\Archived\大约在冬季 (2019)\大约在冬季(2019).mp4: Access to the path is denied.
   at Emby.AutoOrganize.Core.FileOrganizationService.PerformOrganization(String resultId)

btw, the destiny dir is not a OS partition, I think there shouldn’t be an access problem.

To be sure - does the Jellyfin user have write access to both folders?

Edit: What platform are you using? Windows? Linux?

jellyfin is running as a service, and yes, it does have full access to both locations. The platform is windows.

Which service account are you using and when you say it is not an OS drive directory do you mean it is a separate drive to the one your OS is on or am I misinterpreting that?

there is no misinterpretion, my OS is install on C:/, the lib dir is in M:/.
and the service is using network service account.