Automatically identify unidentified films


I just installed Jellyfin for the first time.
I added a folder and started scanning the library with a wrong scrapper setting that I modified during the library scan.
So I have a part of my library whose films are not identified. Is it possible to restart a scan so that unidentified films become identified from the file name?

Anyway, great thanks for your Work !


Could you not simply delete the library section and readd it?


Hey there @nikogaug!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Dashboard, and into the Library section
  • Click the three dots “…” at the bottom right of the Library you want to re-scan
  • Click “Scan Library”

The setting I would use is “Search for Missing Metadata”. That should do the trick.


@Choakem : Yes I think it’s possible but I wanted to know if there was another softer method.
Thank you @anthonylavado this method has worked very well.

Thank you all!

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