Bugs reporting - Android/server

I’m new in Jellyfin community, i recently testing Jellyfin after trying to find alternative to Emby.
First thing first i would like to thank to all the developers spending their time on this project.
Now,I found few bugs that i would like to report, all the bugs are related to the Android application with Jellyfin server.
#1 - Audio file buffer load too slow -
This bug happens when in Music library, i added list of albums or folders with audio files (MP3/M4A) and when i play a playlist or audio file from a folder i can see the buffer loading but many times the music is reached the point it did not finish the buffer and that cause the music player stop playing, or freeze.
I checked my connections and they are excellent 450Mbps on AC router.
This happening in both of my android devices and happens only when play audio files, for instance the Video stream is excellent for 1080p files with or blue-ray rips, there was no issues with videos.
The buffer issue happens about 30% of the times i play audio files.
#2 - Audio files play songs but no audio after second audio play in the que.
I found this bug very frustrating, i play a playlist or folder with audio files (M4A/MP3) and the first song after pressing PLAY works fine but, sometimes the song after in the playlist que does not play sound but the player continue play the music file (I can see the time bar continue move and numbers are count), the easy way to resolve this issue is by press PAUSE and instantly after press PLAY and then the music files will start to play sound from the time i press start (i could press STOP/PLAY also works).
This issue not happening all the time but i would say 90% of the time i play audio files.

I hope the details about this bugs are clear and can be reproduce in the developers devices and with hope it will be fixed in future versions.

I don’t know if those bugs related to the Android application or the server itself because i did not test it on PC either iOS/OSX.

Thank you.

We know the Android application has some audio hiccups. If you don’t mind checking, could you make sure it works okay on PC?

We’ve got some plans in place for the audio side of the app, and it’s a work in progress.

Thank you, i tested it for the last two days with Chrome on Windows 10 and seems to work fine there, i guess it’s an Android app bug.
Is this another place where users post Bugs and see other buts/progress or this is the right place to do so?
Thank you and i hope the audio in Android application will be solve because i’m count of using it as my Audio player with all my audio files on my server.

This place is fine to post things on, but we track most of the progress on GitHub. This area of the program is starting to get more work now, so hopefully soon. I can’t give a time or date though.