Cannot access JF outside my home network

I’m a noob.
Very new to JF, was using Plex previously.
Anyways, when I’m inside the host network I can access jellyfin. However when I’m outside host network I can’t access the server.

Tried lot of stuff. Please help.

What stuff have you tried specifically?

There’s a few things I could think of that’d cause issues firewall rules setup for jellyfin, port forwarding on your router. Have you set these up?

I have given access to jellyfin on my firewall. I have forwarded the port too on the router. But when I check if the port is open on "’ it shows the port is closed. Also the IP that is shown is different. Is there any guide or help you can give to forward the port?

Forwarding ports while change from router to router so you’d be best googling the model of your router and looking for instructions that way. Are you using some kind of DDNS, I’m assue your public IP changes? You could access jellyfin by IP if you’re not using a reverse proxy so you could try going to the IP listed at and add the port like http:/< YOURIPHERE >:8096 assuming you’re still using 8096 for jellyfin

My solution was simple: add port 8096 to portforwarding in router. added all jellyfin.exe firewall rules (accept connections), and not use localhost ip…use the ip which isp gives you. See your IP: and if you have “dynamic IP” then just put that IP as static via router so it wount change. And make sure your connection is NAT 1-2 (open/public IP) some ISPs dont have open/public IP.
Ps. sorry my bad english.