Can't choose external player

I want to use an external player because mkv files can’t be played by Jellyfin android app, but VLC and Kodi android apps can play the same mkv files fine .Jellyfin app don’t let me choose VLC or Kodi, even I have both installed and working, but it say there’s no external video player app installed.

This is happening with Jellyfin android app, on a Firetv sitck and a Xiaomi mi tv.

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We have VLC built in as a playback option, and I believe it’s been updated recently too. If you choose that, does it playback inside the app?

In build External video player doesn’t work. VLC installed Mx player installed
Jellyfin Version 1.0.1
Checked on Android 9.0.6 and 10

Are you using the Jellyfin app, or the Jellyfin for Android TV app?

There are differences between them (not just cosmetic), and for devices like the FireTV and Mi Box, you should be using Jellyfin for Android TV.

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Jellyfin app

The external player option was added in error to the phone/tablet and it does not work yet. The next update takes that out until it’s ready.

When you mentioned a Mi Box, I thought you were using the Android TV app, which has these options working. The Android TV version (also on Amazon App Store) is what you should use on the Mi Box and the Fire stick. @Cognicom is correct here.

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but sometimes, you still cannot select a external player in jellyfin TV, even installed MX, VLC.

at first, it’s working. and then I saw it’s trasncoding when I using external player (mi box built-in, transcoding due to subtitle codec).
so I turn it off, using jellyfin TV player instead. and when I want to switch it back, it says cannot find external player. I tried reboot, reinstall jellyfin & other player, but it doesn’t work.

I confirm.
I have Jellyfin Android TV on a Minix X8 and it allows you to select an external player.

Jellyfin App on several smartphones does not allow this function, which I consider very important.

Thank you

The current Android mobile beta supports external players, it will be available in the stable app soon!