Changing Port Windows 10

Like many my patience with Plex is at it’s end. I need issues fixed with updates new menu screens pushing ad supported movies for Gods sake. I like Emby but have also heard great things about Jellyfin and would like to know how I an try it without uninstalling Emby. After Googling my initial installation failure I realized I have to change the port but have no idea how. I’m tech savvy in certain respects but not in this case.
Many Thanks

I did see this but it’s honestly beyond my scope. Anything else I can do?

Github Port Issues

Hey there, sorry for the delay.

Will you be running Emby and Jellyfin on the same computer?

Basically, we use the same port that Emby does. If you try to run both at the same time, the first one to get started claims that port, and nothing else can use it.

If you’ll be running both at the same time, you’ll need to stop them both, and decide which one you’ll want to change. Once you decide, start that program, and you can change the port in the dashboard.

For Jellyfin, this means:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Go down to Networking
  • Change “Local HTTP Port Number” to any number higher than 8096 (try 8097 maybe)
  • Scroll down and click “Save”
  • Stop and restart Jellyfin

Once this is done, Jellyfin can be accessed at port 8097, and Emby can be safely started, to be accessed at port 8096.

If you’re not using Emby and Jellyfin on the same computer… let me know.