Channels icon position

Hello Jellyfin team, I have problem with channel icons - there is not fit on its position (from web browsing from PC with Firefox). When i go to Live TV and then choice Channels tab i have following view (1)
For example if I go to guide tab - channels images are ok (2)

Is there possible to fix this? If answer is yes, then where need to change some settings?

This is fixed in the next version, but I’m not sure what CSS or other changes were made to do it. I’ll check.

You can use this, but it will currently affect any item that doesn’t have the correct image size. In a future version, it is fixed for just TV Channels.

.coveredImage {
    background-size: contain;

To learn how to apply custom CSS:

thanks @anthonylavado, If I use docker container, how I can update jellyfin?

I’m not sure, as I don’t use Docker. I believe I’ve read people saying something about pulling the latest tag. This change isn’t coming soon though, it would likely be in 10.7, which is a few months out.

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