Chromecast not working

I just switched to Jellyfin from Plex and I’ve been pretty impressed.
I was super stoked when I fired up the App on my Android phone, started a movie and casted it to my Chromecast Ultra.

I was less than stoked when I tried to resume the movie and I wasn’t able to cast the movie. As I tested I found I wasn’t able to cast anything, to any of my chromecasts.

When I connect to the Chromecast I get the Jellyfin logo, I pick the media I want to play and nothing happens, eventually the App crashes, I’m trying to remember the error message that quickly pops, something along the lines of being unable to play stream?

I haven’t tried the web interface as each minute I spend trying to sort a problem out decreases the Family Acceptance Metre. They can be a fickle bunch :slight_smile:

I will say that other than the casting issue and a minor Albums not appearing under their artist issue I am super impressed with Jellyfin.!