Collections issue with TMDb Box Sets

Hey guys,

I just switched over from Emby to Jellyfin (I know I’m late, but hey, I made it haha), I’m actually still in the process of scanning libraries and setting it all up. But I already made out an issue with the collections plugin “TMDb Box Sets”.

So my movies are already in the library, all scanned good. I added the plugin and I let it run (After a reboot).
Now comes the issue, some collections are recognized fine, but some they create the correct collection, and list the movies I have of that collection, but somehow there is no connection to the movies I have in the library, so there is no cover, no ids in the metadata and therefore these collections are also not shown in the normal “movie” section.

I added three examples, so maybe it gets clearer. First one is where its not working correctly, it recognizes the two Alien Anthology Movies, but they are not connected, so no cover art and thus the collection isnt shown instead of the individual movies.
Second one, everything worked.
Third one, semi working.

Had to put it all in one image, since im a new user :slight_smile:

Any idea how I can fix it?

I’m using the docker image and am running it on my unraid system.


You can manually make adjustments to collections. I believe it’s a long click on any library item, and then you get extra options that appear on the top of the screen. There are also checkboxes so you can adjust various things at once.

Not sure exactly why this happened - in the few collections I have, it seemed to be fine.

Thank you very much for the reply!

I actually started doing what you suggested but somehow it wasn’t entirely working, but I found a workaround if anyone will come to this issue again: in the collection I chose each movie individually and click “Refresh metadata”, then I run “Scan for new box sets” and then it get it.

I assume something didn’T fully connect in the first scan, so doing this now, but that’s okay :slight_smile:


Ah yeah must have been a congestion issue or rate limit. Glad to hear it’s working!

I have that issue as well but the fix didnt work. Mostly this only occurs with self created collections.

Hey, by any chance, are your movie folders or movie makings using a dot or aren’t in the English language?

Because my fix didn’t work for all movies. My folders and movie names were in German, but since i prefer it all in English, that’s the language I set. So for the final problematic ones I had to change the path and name to the English one. Or remove the „.“ for example for guardians of the galaxy vol. 2

Now all are working for me.

Now that’s interesting mine are in German too. Gonna try it out immediately!

I’m a jellyfin noob who migrated from Plex a couple of days ago. Completely fresh install, but I have exactly the same issue. Anyway, for somebody who finds this thread like I did, I have a feeling it’s related to , and should be fixed in 10.6.

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