Combining movies in a series

Here’s what I am trying to do. Let’s say I have all of the movies of a series (example Fast and the Furious). Is there a way to combine them under one entry when I go to Movies rather than seeing them scattered all over the place (alphabetically sorted of course)?

In my perfect world when I go to Movies I will see an entry there for Fast and the Furious and all of the 9 movies of the series will be under it, same thing with Harry Potter, and Hellraiser, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

That‘s easy:
Either use the TMDB Box Sets plugin to automate the creation of collections or do it manually.
Then goto library and edit the configuration: checkmark ‚group movies‘
Now only the collection is shown to represent all movies of this serie.

Cool. I think that did the trick, although I couldn’t find the checkmark to ‘group movies’ that you mentioned. but it looks like it kind of did what I wanted. I would had love to be able to create my own groups (Avengers, DC, etc.) and display the groupings in the Movies library rather than under collections, but I’ll take it. Many thanks

the configuration is found at:
Admin Pages -> Libraries
There you have a tab “View” (right of tab “Libraries”)
Click this tab “View”
There is the checkmark “Group films in Collections”

And btw: you may create your own collection: just select 2 films and create a new collection.

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