Compiling Jellyfin Docker image for arm32v7

I’m trying to build a Jellyfin Docker image from source on a Raspberry PI (arm32v7).
Following the steps outlined on, with minor modification, I’ve issued;

> git clone
> cd jellyfin
> git submodule update --init
> docker build -t $USER/jellyfin -f Dockerfile.arm .

Everything seems to be building just fine until I get this error message:

Step 12/20 : FROM debian:stretch-slim-arm32v7
manifest for debian:stretch-slim-arm32v7 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

I believe my general Docker installation is correct (I have several containers running successfully and I can even run the pre-canned 10.4.3 Jellyfin image within Docker). However I’m new to using Docker and this is my first attempt at compiling a fresh image.

Am I doing something incorrectly (missing a step perhaps)? Might there be an issue with the Dockerfile.arm file in the repository? Or an issue with the debian image that Docker is pulling? Tried googling and searching the forum but I’ve really no clue what the above error message means.

Any help appreciated.


Looks like the Docker file is trying to pull a docker image tag that doesn’t exists. I haven’t tested it yet but you could try replacing that line in the Docker file with just

FROM debian:stretch-slim

I believe it should detect which OS you’re running on and use the appropriate version

Yes, that worked… the build now completes and seems to have pulled in the correct armhf packages.
This line in the Dockerfile of the master branch appears to have changed from that in the 10.4.z branch.
Thanks for the help.