Connecting iOS app to Server

I’m having a difficult time connecting the iOS app to the server when not on the local LAN.

JellyFin Server 10.6.4 on Mac OS Mojave
JellyFin iOS 1.2.0 (5)

I can connect via Safari to the server locally and remotely. I can also connect with the app locally.

Any attempt to connect with the app when not on the local network segment does not connect; the JellyFin app for the server just responds “Could not connect to server”

PFSense indicates that the traffic was passed through the firewall.

In Safari, I use https://mydomainname:8920

In the app, I have tried that, along with many other variations.

Any suggestions on diagnosing?



Are you using a self-signed certificate for https? The app does not support those currently.

I do have a certificate that I generated with CloudFlare. And I have the server set to require secure connections.

Moved to letsencrypt and proxied with Nginx. All is well. Thanks.

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