Create new user error message

Hello, I have installed jellyfin since yesterday on no vserver. I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled. Everything works without problems. The only thing that does not work is to create a second user.
If I create a message then an error message that I should try later. If I log in then with my user name I still see that the new user is created but log in with the new user is not. Error message the server is not available you should try it later

Does anyone have the same problem here? What could be the mistake? Plugins are all installed

Hi there, could you provide us with some information about your setup. What OS is the server running on, how did you install Jellyfin and what version is it running?

There is the Jellyfin log files which you could upload for us to take a look through so see if we can find the problem. If you try to create a new user and if it fails again. In the server dashboard, go to logs, select the latest one by time and click on that. This will provide you with the log file which you can save to your local computer and then upload it for us to view