Development Direction for Jellyfin?

First of all, thanks to everyone who has put their time and effort into getting Jellyfin this far. When I look at the scope of Jellyfin, for the features it provides and the platforms it supports, I see a truly awesome endeavor for such a small team of developers.

As a new user I have had a difficult time getting Jellyfin up and running on a Windows box. I have encountered multiple problems right from the install and have yet to resolve them all. I have spent many hours of searching the Internet for solutions and find that most of the issues I have encountered have been reported before, some of of them years ago. I wonder about new users like me that are hit by a rapid-fire of problems right from the get-go. I then wonder about the prioritization of fixing these issues relative to asks for new features. Wouldn’t it be better for the product to focus all development on making sure the basics work flawlessly before tackling new features? I guess one issue is that when something is a labor of love you might not want to spend time on the drudgery of testing and bug fixes - those are the types of activities it helps to get paid to do. After struggling with Jellyfin for several days now I’m starting to think a Plex Lifetime Pass is cheap. :slight_smile:

What I’d really like to know is if the Jellyfin team are committed to fixing the long-standing issues associated with the software? From my own selfish perspective I’m taking specifically about issues related to the Windows installer (and uninstall process), as well as Live TV EPG issues. I realize that Jellyfin is considered a community effort but the general direction and priorities of the products are probably in the hands of a few people.

In terms of overall direction and how things get done, you might like this writeup I did on reddit a bit ago:

As for the issues mentioned, you’re at a bit of a disadvantage here for a few reasons.

  1. The forums aren’t very active. There’s just not much of a way around this. Most people prefer reddit or matrix chat over the dedicated forum. Only a small handful of the devs visit here regularly. We’ve discussed discontinuing it, but enough people wanted them to stay that it’s still up.
  2. You’re running the server on Windows. Nobody on the dev team does this, and percentage wise few of our users do (~20% or so from the last survey we sent out). Everything Windows and Mac specific is basically ran solely by Anthony, among all of his other responsibilities. Support for Windows based issues largely fall to either Anthony or the other more experienced Windows users, unfortunately.
  3. “The basics”, as you mention, do largely work flawlessly. At it’s core, Jellyfin is designed to stream your media/local files to your devices. In my opinion, Live TV falls outside of that, and I’d argue a pretty niche use case. I know we have a decent handful of users that use it, but compared to those that don’t use or even consider it as an option, it’s a very small percentage. But it’s again a case of trying to get help for a less used feature on a less used platform, so while it’s unfortunate your other thread hasn’t had any replies, I can’t exactly say I’m surprised by that. There’s currently 1400 users here(and probably only a few dozen “active” users), while we have 14.6k users on reddit.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Looks like I should go and dust off my old Reddit account.

My guess is people just don’t want an extra account/site to check on when they’re already using Reddit regularly. People are fickle creatures, it’s hard to say definitively why it’s so much more active than here.