Disable automatic metadata retrieve for a specific TV show fodler

I have a french TV show called Kaamelott added to my Jellyfin server but the metadata retriever faile to get good informations about its episodes and i just wanted to show their filename as it show in directory.
Bonus point if it read them in order automatically as usual.

Is there anything we can do in thoses kind of situations:
Here are some examples on what is inside folders:

There are no “seasons” but “livre” - “Book” :slight_smile:

If you miss infos, please let me know!

Looking forward for your help:-)


That’s because Jellyfin doesn’t recognize multiple episodes properly.

I have it saved and the metadata is correct.

I’m curious to know where you got them in such a big quality though, I only found crap quality episodes (around 50Mb per episode) :smile:

Now, now… Size is not equal to quality! :wink:

@antipiot, you need to name the files suitably so Jellyfin knows what they are.

For example, instead of Kaamelott - Livre 1 - Part XV EP71-75.mkv, change the filename to Kaamelott S01E71-E75 - Livre 1 Part XV.mkv - Jellyfin will then recognise the files and episode numbers, and import the description suitable for the first of the multiple episodes (in this case, for E71).

You’re right!
it’s ok once named like this. should have thinked about that:-)


Thanks for your answer. thats right, but it does not bother me - once renamed livre for season, episodes are detected with more accuracy - ep jump from 1 to 5 but it’s not a problem.

dunno if i may say that there, but i got them from ygg torrent.