Disabling directplay

Direct play on my TV through my fire stick judders awefully - no matter the quality of the video.

Transcoding, even at 1080p is smooth as a baby’s backside.

Is there any way i can override the device profile so that direct play will never be an option?

Hrm… That’s almost the opposite of what should happen. It should direct play if it can, because that reduces the workload on your server. That said, I don’t think we have this option right now…

Thinking further, you might be able to set a quality profile on the fire stick, but it might be item by item right now.

Also, try the new player options in the settings? One of them may work better than others.

This problem isn’t limited to Jellyfin. Emby and Plex also present the same. I think the firestick may be reporting the wrong capabities.

Just wondered if there was any profiles like DLNA that could be altered. (DLNA plays perfectly).

Thanks for the feedback - will try the other player as suggested.

DLNA does have the ability to set custom profiles in the Dashboard. I’m not 100% experienced in it, but yeah, try the other players, and if it doesn’t work out, we can look at DLNA :slight_smile:

your suggestion works thanks.

Looks like whatever the default player is on the firestick has issues.