Do I have to port forward a reverse proxy?

Got a synology nas, along with one of their domains, ddns is set up and it has a built in reverse proxy option, nothing is currently port forwarded. Tried a reverse proxy and couldn’t see it externally, am I still meant to port forward something?

You still have to forward http/https, or 80 and 443 respectively, to whatever IP is hosting your reverse proxy. Once you do that then you can forward multiple machines via domain shenanigans through the same ports.

Thanks, does that mean this is the only device that can serve content to the internet, or can I forward 443 to multiple devices?

And doing this won’t auto allow things like dsm on the network right, just what I’ve reverse proxied?

You can serve multiple sites through the same port with a reverse proxy. You just need to tell it which domains to look for. Depending on how your reverse proxy is set up you may need to forward to different internal ports than the default 443. I suspect this is the case for you since you said this is being done on a synology nas. So long as you’re pointing the ports correctly your NAS interface shouldnt be accessable to the outside world, thought its probably a good idea to have a separate device play the role of reverse proxy for security’s sake.