Does Jellyfin server running on Windows support real time monitoring of Samba shares?

I’m running Jellyfin 10.4.2 server on Windows 10 and my media is on a Samba share hosted on Ubuntu 19.10 on the same network. If “Enable real time monitoring” is enabled for a library, will that library get real-time updates as media is added on the Samba/Ubuntu side (via SSH/rsync in my case)? I’m looking for technical confirmation that Jellyfin will use the equivalent of “push notifications”/inotify from a Samba server in particular. I know there are Windows interfaces for receiving such events from a share but I don’t know if Jellyfin uses those events or if Samba sends those events.

Hi there, I believe Jellyfin does not support real time monitoring on remote shares at this time. From when that code was last looked it we think it currently only works on one filesystem, either ext4 or NTFS. If you’re wanting this to be implemented for more filesystems you could add it as a feature requests on the site

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