Duplicate screen issue on panasonic TV - DLNA

Hi there,
Im being testing my Jellyfin install and im very gratefull for all functionalities, my server runs over Debian 9 x64 and works great with web client on Windows and the android client but i tried to play a movie in my Panasonic TV with the “Play on” option over DLNA and nothing happen. I’m not sure is a issue of DLNA tv’s configuration or my Jellyfin server, BTW I tested the “play on” feature of the youtube app on my TV and works BUT over the youtube native app of TV. ¿Any ideas?
PS: English isn’t my native language so my apologies for errors


Que es el modelo de tu televisión?

Hey, thanks for answer me anthonylavado, the TV is a Panasonic TC-32DS600H

Also I’ve other TV (LG) who doesn’t WiFi connection but I use a Raspberry with Libreelec (Kodi OS ready) and the Jellyfin plugin works nice using the “play on” function. Jellyfin Rules!

Does it work if you open the DLNA app on the TV?

nop, the DLNA app dont find the server (or anything :laughing:)

Good news! after update to Jellyfin 10.3.7 the DLNA and the “play on” function works great on my TV (well some files can’t play but i guess is for the capabilities of my TV) Thanks to the devs!

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