Emby plugins not working


Hi all! Just installed Jellyfin to try it out. I read in the docs that you can have Emby plugins in JF by just copying the files from an Emby install. However, when I do this, none of the plugins show up. What gives?

The specific ones I need right now are Trakt and TVHeadend plugins.


Can you give exact links where you read this in docs? This information is outdated, and Emby plugins no longer work (starting from 10.0.0 release), so we need to fix that doc.

On a positive note, Trakt is fixed for Jellyfin and will be available in our would-be-available-soon plugin store which we plan to open to public in 10.2.0 release somewhat soon.

Not sure about TVHeadend, though, you may want to drop to some of our matrix channels and ask.


Deleted my comment by accident, so here it is again:

Oh I think I might have read some outdated information elsewhere. Just looked at the documentation again and this info wasn’t there, so sorry about that. Do we have an easy to comprehend guide on how to build plugins yourself or is there a place I can download binaries?


Give this a quick read, https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-plugin-anime/blob/master/README.md as it has instructions for compiling (even if the instructions are rough). I should really check if this info is in the doca


Thanks a lot! Got Trakt working, didn’t have much luck with TVH but that can wait. For me Trakt was the only crucial thing missing from JF


You can get Tvheadend working through the antennas plugin. I added information to the docs. https://jellyfin.readthedocs.io/en/latest/administrator-docs/plugins/#antennas


I have the Emby Last.FM plugin now working with Jellyfin, updated source can be fetched from https://github.com/jesseward/jellyfin-plugin-lastfm