Emby Windows Media Center client


Just a heads up, the wmc client picks up the jellyfin server fine.

Hopefully the wmc client gets some well deserved attention, ie support for 4K video. Emby has neglected the wmc client for some time.

Wmc runs much smoother and has much better external player support than Emby theatre.


Isn’t WMC EOL now? I though MS basically killed it like not too long ago.


Not at all, its still very much alive thanks to an active community.

WMC win 10 packages are available and work fine.

The WMC client is much more polished with better fluidity than Emby Theater and with better external player support.

I tried ET and went back to WMC as did many others. Tried Kodi with the emby plugin, still not as good as WMC.

It does need 4k support adding as it only has codec icons for 1080p on menus.

Pretty sure the WMC client is open source, the code is on github?


Is there an offline installer available for the Windows Media Center client?

Currently the only way to install it is through the Emby setup app which then downloads and installs components somehow but the code etc has a GPL license and is on github.


I have no idea, I’m going to guess no. I’m going to venture a guess that nobody has looked at the code yet.

Also I looked it up, and WMC is very much EOL, MS even pulled all metadata servers. It’s only available by unofficial means for Windows 10. So unless someone who actively uses it takes the time to go and make/update the client, I think it’s not a platform that has much pull. It is very much XP/Vista era software.


Ok I’ve managed to get all versions of the media browser WMC client installation packages up to 3.0.317.

They can be installed using the cmd msiexec /i MediaBrowser.msi_3.0.317.exe

Works fine with jellyfin.