EPG no Channel numbers

Hi All
I Have Tvheadend running on a pi 4 , all works well the EPG populates but there is no channel number. which I think is casing a problem when I try and import in plutotv any ideas ?
below is an extract of the xmltv data
E4 13 Film4+1 45 Ideal World 22 Sony Movies 32 CCXTV 23 Liverpool TV 7 BBC FOUR 9 Yesterday+1 75 BBC NEWS 231 5USA 21 More 4 18 Really 17 CBS Justice 39 HGTV 42 TJC 49 BBC TWO 2 CBS Drama 67 ITV4+1 59 E4+1 28 Dave 19

the channel number are correct dave is channel 19


Hi All Ive sorted it I have used the Tvheadend plugin and removed the tuner from the Live setting menu

Hi All the plugin sorted the numbering out but I cant recording anything. any one any ideas ?