Error message in log for failed login and Fail2ban

Hi guys,
I am in the process of switching from Emby to Jellyfin. I am trying to configure Fail2ban to use with the login to Jellyfin. In another post, @keg posted the regex for Jellyfin to work with Fail2ban (Fail2ban failregex).
I used this information to configure a filter and jail for Fail2ban. But when I now look at my Jellyfin logs after a failed login attempt, I get an error message and nothing like what @keg uses in the regex.

[2019-08-28 14:21:29.052 +00:00] [ERR] Error authenticating with provider “Default”
System.Exception: Invalid username or password
at Emby.Server.Implementations.Library.DefaultAuthenticationProvider.Authenticate(String username, String password, User resolvedUser)
at Emby.Server.Implementations.Library.UserManager.AuthenticateWithProvider(IAuthenticationProvider provider, String username, String password, User resolvedUser)
[2019-08-28 14:21:29.053 +00:00] [INF] Authentication request for “username” “has been denied”.
[2019-08-28 14:21:29.054 +00:00] [ERR] Invalid user or password entered.

Am I missing something, or is something going wrong here?
I am running Jellyfin in a docker container using the official 10.3.7 image.

Thank you for your help!

From when @keg posted to now, there have been some changes to the logging. In the next version, 10.4, we have a clearer error message when there is a failure to log in, and it will also show the IP address better.

OK, that makes sense then.
Thanks for updating the logging and looking forward to the new version!!