Exclude Kodi Live TV from Jellyfin addon


I run multiple Pi’s as Kodi clients with a Windows Server holding my media. I’ve installed Jellyfin and like the way that it centralises the database management.
Problem is I use a PVR addon with Kodi (ArgusTV) for live TV from the server. When running Jellyfin addon, it attempts to play the LiveTV through Jellyfin which fails as there is no supported tuners in Jellyfin.

Can I exclude LiveTV from the Jellyfin Kodi client?

Thanks for the help!

Hi there,

Would you be able to upload a link to the kodi log after you’ve tried to play something which is failing so we can take a look. Instruction on getting the log file can be found on the Kodi Website


Ok, will be a couple days.

I now think it might be a port conflict as I installed nextpvr and that works fine.

Is this a complete list of JellyFin ports or are there others:


Yes I believe those are all the only ports used by jellyfin. The jellyfin for kodi addon also listens on the port 57578

Cool, thanks.

I’ve managed to investigate some more and seems that the Argue TV add-on had lost its credentials to the server for some reason.
Re-entering the credentials in the ArgusTV PVR addon to the server fixed the problem.

Strange that it lost them after installing Jellyfin but I’m happy it is fixed! Uninstalling Jellyfin made it work again which is why I thought it was ports. (I had tried Emby a year or more ago and couldn’t get ArgusTV to work with that either, it was probably the same problem)

Thanks for your help.