Fail2ban failregex

I need a fail2ban failregex to secure my jellyfin.
Can anybody help?!

Failed logins by name:
‘failregex = ^.+ HTTP Response 401 to “”.+/Users/authenticatebyname".+’

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I’m going off the guide found here on the official documentation

But its not working. I do a test and it fails to pickup from the logs (despite there being several failed attempts I made for testing). I have it setup correctly, it sees all the log files, just cant match the failregex.

Here is the actual line in the log:

Jellyfin.Server.Implementations.Users.UserManager: Authentication request for “test” has been denied (IP: “”).

Perhaps the Wording in the jellyfin log files has changed since the doc was written? From googling I can see its already changed several times over the past couple years.