Failed to bind to port 1900: "Address already in use". DLNA will be unavailable

Hi All I have installed Jellyfin on my DS218+ and its running great but in the log file I see that port 1900 DNLA allready is in use , First it was my unifi controller, I stoped that but the other this thats keeps claiming 1900 is something in the nas I guess?
Anyone knows that this is and if there is anyway to stop this?

ash-4.3# netstat -nlp | grep 1900
udp 0 0* 6843/minissdpd

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Well fortunately it’s not too much of an error to worry about. It can be an issue for DLNA, but I’ve found it still works even with the message.

As far as minissdpd is concerned, it seems like a package to broadcast to Windows. You could try stopping that, and then restarting Jellyfin, then starting that process again.

We do have this logged though, and we can hopefully fix it soon: