Firefox unable to access recreated library

I deleted my Movies Library after I included chapters and was unable to remove them from view.

After recreating the Library, I am unable to access/display the library from Firefox browsers.
I have 3 users affected on different computers, it seems that Chrome will allow access on the same computer.
As the Admin I have been working out of firefox on my laptop and don’t have this issue.
Testing other users on my laptop is successful.

I feel that I have isolated this to Firefox so I cleared history and data from the preferences, no change. My admin account is also affected on the computer that are displaying the problem.
There are three different OS’s in play as well, Ubuntu (Jellyfin Server), windows 10 and windows 8, and all jellyfin users are affected on the affected computer when using firefox.

I have since removed the library and recreated it with a different name, no change.
I’m sure its the browser, but resetting firefox has not made a difference.

I have created a new Jellyfin user, this has made no difference, I have also tried rename the Library, still no change.


Okay, so to be sure - the library doesn’t show up on the main screen for those users? Do you have them set up with full access to all libraries, or just certain ones? It might be a permission issue if you have them restricted.

The library was visible, the URL would be displayed in the address bar however the page did not change, when refreshing the browser the screen would show a black back ground.
The users had access to all library’s, one test was to login using the same account on a different computer which confirmed that the account was not the cause.

Try moving your cache and see what happens. I would avoid straight up purging the cache because there have been reports of stability issues. Shutdown, move cache, start up and let the cache rebuild.