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Hello folks. New to forum but longtime, happy Jellyfin user. Just a little FAQ about me. I have Parkinson’s and use devices that utilize RSS feeds to make my internet browsing better and easier with my illness.

After some searching, I found a way to get RSS feeds into my reader of this forum if anyone still utilizes RSS feeds these days. I do so I thought I would share the built-in forum RSS feed URLS to the Jellyfin forum.

First, to note, you can add “.rss” to any Jellyfin URL for it to be a rss feed

LATEST posts: Jellyfin Forum - Latest topics

SUPPORT: Support - Jellyfin Forum

If you just want to track one forum entry, just add .rss to the end of the URL!

Here is an example for the first pinned post in the SUPPORT category titled:
Please Provide Info and Check Known Issues

(As a new user, I can only post 2 links so with the others I used the preformatted text markup.)

I did not know this was possible! In case you didn’t know; our forums are relatively inactive. Most of the support/discussions happen on our Matrix chats, Subreddit or directly on GitHub. I’d recommend looking there for announcements etc.

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I pretty much get info and support via the subreddit, which, incidentally, follows the same rss rules. Just add .rss behind any subreddit or >
The post Debian & Ubuntu Repo users: Our key is expiring. Update it now! with a URL of is

Not many people use RSS these days, though, but It is nice to get rid of all the extra clickable things when surfing the web, esp with Parkinson and forums.