Got installed, but can't add libraries

Just heard about Jellyfin today and it sounds awesome so I had to give it a go.
I downloaded and installed jellyfin_v10.4.3-x64.exe and installed it on a windows server box.
Browsed to the URL and made a user. Go to add media. I choose the drive where my media lives.
I choose the first subfolder and got a list of more folders. When I click on the next subfolder the ‘picker’ for lack of a better term goes away and then the box named Folder is left blank and outlined in red.

I have also tried to manually enter the path using the drive letter all the way down to the folder containing my media. Same thing each time.

Any thoughts?

Hey there :wave:
Two quick questions:

  1. Did you choose basic or advanced install?
  2. What browser are you using?

I choose advanced because I’m installing on a server and don’t want to have to login to get it going after a reboot and I tried the latest chrome and firefox on a win 10 pc and opera beta (chromium based I think) on android.

Okay I figured it out. It was indeed because the network service didn’t have permissions to access the files.
I switched to local user and was able to add media files.
Just hope I don’t have to login after each server restart to be able to use it.

With local user, that will be the case. It has to be logged in to use it. To be fair, on Windows, Emby and Plex are the same way. The service install is advanced - I don’t even use it that way myself.

Well I gave it a go, but it was unusable. Stuttering between two wired machines with mpg files recorded from hdhomerun and mp4 files.
I’m guessing that my ancient server doesn’t help, but plex runs fine on it.
Maybe I’ll try again when I replace the server as I would love a way to maintain the watched status of files and be able to pause in one room and pick up in the next…all without having to rely on the cloud.

Does jellyfin run better on linux?

It can run fine on Windows. You might have to turn on Hardware Acceleration for FFmpeg/transcoding. This is one area where we’re behind on what other servers (like Plex) do - they can automatically detect how to get the best performance out of limited hardware. In Jellyfin, you’ll have to make a few tweaks to get it to a good spot.

Depending on your processor/graphics card, I can make a few recommendations. What do you have?